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The Nitty Gritty


Ashley has spent most of her life in the midwest and southern United States and has been creating things just as long. With a strong interest in drawing, crafts, and cultural ethnography, Ashley focused on Illustration, Design, and Anthropology as an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis. After receiving her BFA, she worked as a freelance illustrator and designer, in addition to doing creative, educational, and sales work at Scripps Networks, Scrapbooks & More, and Morris Creative Group in Knoxville, Tennessee. Most recently, Ashley graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a MFA in Studio Art, producing work within Visual Communication, Fiber and Material Studies, and Writing. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and will be teaching Graphic Design and Illustration at Middle Tennessee State University. She continues to practice freelance illustration and design, in addition to refining her culinary skills and exploring new places and cultures.


Please feel free to contact adh art + design + fibers for more information about current work, freelance projects, or custom paper designs. I also welcome comments, questions, and suggestions regarding the latest art, design, culture, and food news!

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