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Kuma’s Corner

by Ashley on January 28th, 2012

If you love punk rock and/death metal, this is your place. If you crave one of the best burgers in the city, give Kuma’s a try. If you love burgers, but hate punk or death metal, you’ll just have to grit and bear it (ha ha!), my friends, cause Kuma’s food and drinks are worth the bleeding eardrums.

When you first walk up to this place, you’ll notice two things: [1] the sign “Hippies [and Hipsters] Use the Back Door” (this is the first of many rules) and [2] the crowd of people waiting outside (even at 11 am, before the place even opens). Once you are able to get inside, the music will be blasting, there’ll be a super-gory horror film on the flat screen, frames of creepy art on the walls, and an oddly friendly (considering the atmosphere) and eclectic group of waitstaff and bartenders ready to get your experience going. A couple of rules to be aware of: you can’t add people to your party/table after you’ve been seated and there’s no splitting checks. Oh, and no one under drinking age at the bar. Did I mention no hipsters? The stars of the Kuma menu are the burgers: super fresh and cooked to order (you ask for medium, your actually getting a medium-cooked burger. I haven’t seen a burger actually cooked to what I ordered in so long that I was a bit shocked). All the burgers are named after rock bands and the ingredients/toppings range from expected to artery-clogging (fried egg and bacon, anyone?). They also have a great range of beers and some really tasty specialty sodas. As for sides, I’ve only had one thing: the waffle fries. They always come out hot and well seasoned. And with homemade ketchup! But wait, I forgot to mention that they serve their burgers on PRETZEL ROLLS! Can you feel my excitement?

The only downside to Kuma’s is that it can take a while to get your food. But I think that is the price you have to pay for great food at a popular spot. TIP: if you are coming for the food more so than the atmosphere, get there right before it’s open. There will already be a line at the door, but you’ll get seated sooner and the music isn’t quite so loud. But personally, the atmosphere is half the reason to come in the first place; it’ll get the blood flowing for the mind-blowing culinary experience you’re about to have. Be prepared.

Yelp Review: 5 Stars

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